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Add the power of location to modernize how you work. Esri helps to digitally transform utilities by enabling users to create, discover, share, and use maps anywhere, anytime, on any device. The Esri ArcGIS Platform is a complete GIS allowing organizations to analyse and share their data across the organization. Operators and managers access ArcGIS for improved operational awareness and decision making. Field and office staff use ArcGIS to manage, update, and analyse information about customers, network assets, and work orders. To Find out how to Digitally Transform your Utility visit esri.com/electric to learn more.




Critigen is a full-lifecycle spatial systems integrator driving government and private-sector performance through spatial IT solutions. With global reach and top-tier partnerships Critigen delivers all components of a geospatial program: data collection, spatial processing, analytics and intelligence, application development and mobile solution development. www.critigen.com