Why Our Speakers Are Excited About Utility GIS

Corban Davies
IT Analyst & Developer
Sawnee EMC


GIS has become an integral part of nearly all utility business processes.  As professionals, we should seize opportunities like this conference to further our collective knowledge and endeavor to better serve as stewards of the fast changing landscape of GIS application development and deployment.

GIS is revolutionizing the way we view and interpret the world around us, but each industry has its own unique set of needs, uses and applications. For those of us in the utilities industry, it is important to have an event like this to discuss methodologies, technological advancements and challenges that are relevant to our profession and vital to our growth as a community.

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Matt Chapman
GIS Manager
RMA Engineering, LLC

Paul Petersen
GIS Manager
EDM International, Inc.

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"This will be an exciting conference, as it will bring together a growing peer group of utility GIS professionals to discuss relevant topics such as asset management, field practices and back-end integrations, and UAS/UAV. To my knowledge, this is the only utility GIS conference that is independent of any software company, which gives it a wider degree of independence and breadth in showing creative, multi-platform solutions."

"As an event hosted by an objective third party, I am particularly excited about the diversity of vendors and solutions that will be in attendance. We are in an exciting time right now when utility-specific GIS software, data models and tools are getting lots of attention and as a result the market is very robust; we’ve never had so many choices before! I look forward to exploring our many options and networking with peers at Utility GIS Applications 2020."

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Patrick Gronli
GIS Manager
Portland General Electric

Courtney Pesak
GIS Manager
Guadalupe Valley Electric Cooperative

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I am looking forward to networking with new GIS Professionals and learning more on how others are utilizing GIS to help guide their business decisions and improve efficiencies. GIS is no longer just pretty maps, it is data analytics, automation, application building, and so much more. It’s ways of providing answers to questions on the fly. I am anxious to see how everyone is leveraging the different GIS tools.

GIS Technology has evolved not just how we operate in the utility industry, but our understanding of the world as a whole. As an individual who grew up with computer technology, this field has help me combine my passions for electrical distribution and technological innovation into a fulfilling profession of community servitude.

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Christopher Smoot
GIS Technician
UC Synergetic

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